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Garnier Public Relations is a boutique entertainment public relations and marketing agency in Chicago specializing in media, television, film production, distribution and streaming. 

We provide publicity packages for all stages of  creation, from concept to release.

We also support other entertainment publicists, agencies and studios representing Chicago and the Midwest.

GPR represents films the world over—from the U.S., Canada, Japan, France, England, South Korea, China, Italy, Ukraine, Poland and Germany—and covers all film genres- from major commercial releases to independent productions.

We also cover television series, made-for-television movies, television specials, and live stage film presentations. 

Additionally, we provide musicians with publicity and marketing campaigns for concerts and tours.



Danielle pitched and placed stories and reviews in Deadline, Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Screen International, IndieWire, Box Office Pro, Post, The Wrap, TV Insider, Yahoo! Entertainment, Access Hollywood, E! Entertainment, NPR, New York Magazine, Ad Week, AdAge, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, RedEye, Chicago Reader, Time Out NY, People, TIME, USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, Closer Weekly, BILLBOARD, Paste, Rolling Stone, Animation Magazine, Windy City Live, NBC, ABC, WGN TV & Radio, WBEZ, WBBM AM, and more!  



When life happens—and it will happen—we have to be ready. GPR is an accommodating and intimate agency that prefers to stay that way. We choose to give our time and expertise to a select group and believe that real partnerships can be developed only by us knowing you well and vice versa. One of our goals is to establish and foster long-term relationships so that you’ll want to return to GPR and count on us again and again for each new project in which you’re involved. We’re in it for the long haul! 

GPR works with major film and music publicists. We enjoy close relationships in every major U.S. city and region with journalists who cover entertainment, pop culture, film, television, advertising, and music.   

We are in Chicago but don't be fooled - entertainment public relations can be done from anywhere in the world. 



Before your public relations and marketing campaign commencing, we work together to create the best PR strategies your budget affords. Unless you’re with another agency whose payment protocol is already in place, once all parties sign off on your campaign GRP in Chicago separates it into an initial, an interim, and a final phase.  

We feel it is optimal for clients who want to grow - yet have leaner budgets - to work on a retainer that is mutually agreed upon for everything to flow.  Your needs will change so a retainer is the best way to get the full value of our expertise. 

When you’re satisfied, and we’re compensated for tangible results, everyone wins.


Earned, Not Purchased

Earned media (public relations) is known to be more credible than paid media (advertising) because the media coverage was created by a trusted third party endorsement: the news. It wasn't paid for, and therefore believable. 

It's not as easy to get earned media because news reporters and producers are busy and inundated with hundreds of people wanting their attention at the same time.

Therefore, it takes more effort to consistently build relationships and stay on top of the media's mind. Sending a news release out once in a while when you think you have news  doesn't have lasting value.  Do you really want to burn out and fade away?



You’re unique. What you do is special. How you think is singular. Your approach to life, art and business is just a little different…and a lot better. So is ours. We believe it's the difference that makes the difference. We’re GPR in Chicago.

Custom designed campaigns for producers, film distributors and movie exhibitors are our top-line services. But it’s our comprehensive, hands-on PR and marketing strategies, developed and implemented in partnership with you, which set us apart from the big guys. 

GPR makes a point to get to know its clients—how else can we provide you with the best if we don’t know your history, your short and long-term objectives, and how past entertainment public relations campaigns have worked for you, or not. Only then can we develop and execute a tactical plan tailored just for you and create a lasting relationship.

GRP delivers all the same services of a big agency—an exhaustive complement of media outlets, editorial options, media relations, and special events. But, again, it’s the difference that matters. We’re the step ahead, the push behind and the shoulder aligned with yours. With careful constructs, custom strategies, and acute attention to your needs, GPR keeps your priorities at the top of the list while getting results. Your success is our primary objective.

At GPR, you’ll never suffer from Big Agency Syndrome: Here, needs are met, expectations are exceeded, attention is paid, and phone calls and emails are returned. You’ll never get lost in the shuffle, and we’re always available when you need us. The more we invest in you, the more you invest in us—and we’re both worth 


Why Retainers Are Important for Your Growth

A steady, predictable relationship with the people at any public relations agency makes sense when you have long-term goals and business needs that have to be met.

We want to understand your needs. We believe in transparency and open and honest communication about your news realities and possibilities.  

Rather than trying to put out a fire and then being disappointed, having someone on your side every month guiding  you forward will save you time, money and frustration.

A retainer reserves a set amount of the agency’s time for a set rate. These rates are based on your budget, broken down into monthly goals. 

It’s easier to integrate a single agency’s projects into your larger marketing strategy. Booking time in advance also saves money, compared to budgeting projects one at a time.

Being on retainer with GPR in Chicago will allow you to get priority treatment and a lower per-project cost by essentially pre-paying for work. Let's do it.


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